After 12 years in investment banking, Areije found her passion for entrepreneurship five years ago when she joined Bahrain Development Bank.  She has been called one of the industry’s steadiest and most reliable leaders, Areije spend a lot of her time coaching and mentoring not only entrepreneurs, but the team she leads at Bahrain Development Bank.  The Development Services Division is run with an entrepreneurial mindset and Areije as Deputy Head of the division continues to lead the team with that culture and mindset which has resulted in creating a pioneering entrepreneurial division which is home to holistic platform of products and services catered to entrepreneurs.

Areije holds a Bachelor of Commerce  in Finance and a Master in Science in  Public Policy and Management which contribute great knowledge to her fast growing experience in the field.  Areije is known for her meticulous nature and is viewed a vibrant and dynamic leader.  She has coached and mentored entrepreneurs and enterprises at various stages of the business cycle starting from the idea stage.   She also coaches and mentors individuals applying for achievement awards and during various competitions and related programs. Areije has led the development of many new and innovative initiatives such as the establishment of the following: Rowad Program alongside its processes and product offer;  Rowad magazine where she currently sits as the Editor-in-Chief; entrepreneur development training programs where she is both a trainer and certified train-the- trainer; among others.  Within her involvement in development projects and initiatives her contribution also extends into coaching and mentoring and growing the capabilities of individuals within the team as her role as a manager.

Areije is driven by challenge and passion and is an experienced, candid, and reliable coach and mentor. She is known to spend her free time in the world of functional movement, especially Pilates, is an avid reader, and enjoys creative writing.

She likes to call herself the “eternal optimist”

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