My Story

From the get-go, my career revolved around supporting entrepreneurs. I started at Bahrain Development Bank where I have provided counseling, coaching, training as well as provide assistance to linkages and networking with other SME supporting institutions.

From my experiences, I have gained ample knowledge to provide the entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources that they need and guide them through their entrepreneurial journey.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I was exposed to the concept of entrepreneurship at a young age. All my life I have worked closely with entrepreneurs. I’ve especially worked with entrepreneurs in the ICT sector where my academic background helps me better understand their needs and challenges.

In addition to coaching, I am currently the project manager of our ICT incubator, Rukn. I have also worked closely with innovative entrepreneurs through the Pre-Seed Capital Support Scheme and have become more acquainted to the notion of innovation and its importance in today’s competitive world. Nevertheless, I am very passionate to support all entrepreneurs that would like to establish a business in Bahrain.