My Story

After completing my bachelor degree in Finance in 2008, I started my career at KPMG working in the Deals Advisory Unit. I got the opportunity to practice financial analysis and research extensively, assessing the financial feasibility of startups, mergers and acquisitions.

After working for KPMG, I was selected to be part of a special task force delegated to launch N-Trust, a startup company providing facility management services. At N-Trust, I was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. We started the company by developing our business plan. We then built our business infrastructure while developing our customer profile through business development and marketing campaigns.

After launching N-Trust successfully, I moved to Bahrain Development Bank. I currently lead the equity committee at the advisory unit and specialize in helping entrepreneurs who need to put a plan to finance their projects. What I appreciate the most about BDB is that I am able to leverage my past experiences in entrepreneurship and finance to help other entrepreneurs.