Nada began her career in a world very different to fashion – the Oil and Gas industry in Houston, Texas, where she had also studied and gained an MBA. She worked with a firm specialising in oil drilling which stood her in good stead when she returned to the Gulf to start her family’s business “OSHO Centre” in occupational health and safety. Her entrepreneurial spirit helped the business win major contracts both in Bahrain and internationally.


Besides her life as an entrepreneur, Nada is currently a board member at the Bahrain Economic Development Board and prior to that she led a number of key roles, most notably as a board member at Bahrain Bourse in addition to being the president of leading global NGO Rotary Club Bahrain.


Nada is highly motivated and passionate leader. She loves to create emotion evoking ideas and products. She Loves Art, Fashion, Luxury, and Lifestyle. “I would like the world to be surrounded by BEAUTY and happiness,” mentions Nada. Her philosophy is simple: Work Hard, Pass on happiness and enjoy what life has to offer.

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