Dr. Ossama Hassanein is an entrepreneur, mentor, and venture capitalist. Over the last 35 years, he has managed $1 billion of international technology funds in diverse leadership roles.

In the eighties, he led the mezzanine financing of 80+ Silicon Valley IT companies that became spectacular successes whose market value today exceeds $200B. In the nineties, he was chairman or cofounder of seven leading-edge digital communication startups in the US, UK, Switzerland and France.

He currently serves on the board of Bank of the West in San Francisco and the MBR Innovation Fund, and is chairman of the Rising Tide Funds.

He served on the Boards of Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies and of UCSF Department of Ophthalmology in San Francisco. He was chairman of TechWadi, an NGO that provides mentorship for MENA entrepreneurs, and vice-chairman of PSD, NGO dedicated to providing one laptop per child for 130,000 Palestinian and Syrian children. He was guest speaker at the White House, the Commonwealth Club, MIT Enterprise Forum, and the World Bank’s Global Initiative in Science and Technology. He lectured on Management Science at Stanford and the University of San Diego, on Strategic Marketing at Santa Clara University, and on international business at UC Berkeley.

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