Fahad AlShirawi is an avid entrepreneur and a specialist in the Technology Industry.  He is currently the founder and CEO of GCCIX WLL, a telecom cabling provider that owns the only independent cable system from Kuwait to the UAE.  His entrepreneurial experience began at a young age, first success in 1997 with the establishment of SNS designs until 2002 where the company was sold at a profit. A notable success was in 2004 when he founded and led 2Connect WLL, a Bahrain based telecom and internet solution provider locally and regionally, until 2011 where he resigned to start new ventures, but at present still sits on the board as a managing director.

Fahad’s passion for entrepreneurship extends beyond his individual successes. Alongside his challenging schedule Fahad spends a lot of his time mentoring start-up and growing entrepreneurs through his participation in various startup competitions, accelerator programs, and mentoring platforms both locally and regionally.  Like many entrepreneurs, Fahad has faced challenges in accessing funding and has since then dedicated a lot time and effort helping entrepreneurs access capital.  He is actively involved in venture capital, investing in projects at the seed stage and tier 1 & 2 levels of the funding cycle.

As an industry expert, Fahad holds key board positions, which include Founding Chairman of MENOG (the Middle East Network Operators Group), Executive Board Director of the RIPE NCC (NGO overseeing internet resources and governance across Europe and the Middle East) from 2008 – 2014, Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) and Arab Regional ISPs Association (ARISPA).

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