Hamed Fakhro is a businessman, inventor, real estate developer, writer, mentor, and is highly involved with the future generation.

Graduating from AU in Washington DC, Hamed hit the ground running and started up his first company at the age of 20 and is proud to never have worked for anyone a single day of his life! Hamed started up ten companies and projects in ten years (Marketing company, IT company, Telecom consultancy, Fiberglass company, Properties company, Developed a compound, Built a Business Center, Invented a washbasin, Started a small restaurant, Invented two more products) as well as traded successfully in the stock market.

Hamed is also a contributor and writes for Startup Bahrain, Gulf Daily News, Rowwad magazine and is a mentor and judge working with Injaz, Tamkeen, Bahrain Development Bank, IKNS school, Bahrain SME society, Bahrain Polytechnic, and the University of Bahrain.

He is also the Vice president of the entrepreneur committee and SME committee in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and is active in supporting the growth and development of Bahrain’s economy.

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