Hisham Khalifa is a Lead Architect, Developer and Consultant at ExchangeWire Ltd., London, UK focusing on development and integration of technology developed at Pikslme, Ltd., which was acquired by ExchangeWire in March 2015.

Pikslme mined the web to identify and unravel the complex relationships between marketing technology vendors and their customers. As a co-founder, Hisham was responsible for scalable systems architecture, coding and deployment as well as certain business aspects.

Hisham has also established Binary Bakery Software, Bahrain in 2009. Since its establishment, Hisham has coded several Mac OS X productivity apps including: MenuEverywhere, MenuPop, Windownaut and MailPop (PRO) for Gmail.

Prior to his career in technology, Hisham handled risk at several investment banks and has designed several risk management tools, including a backpropagation neural network for credit risk.

Hisham’s areas of expertise include: researching, conceptualizing, planning and executing the development and marketing of software applications and scalable service platforms for web, desktop, IoT and mobile. His technical skillset spans over 20 years of software development in assembly, C, Java, Python and other languages.

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