Mr Kumar is currently General Partner, Kizki Japan Accelerator Fund; Managing Partner Global Ascent Partners (international growth consulting and VC fund); Managing Partner TechRanch (incubator); Chairperson of Industrial Advisory Board, Texas State University and Advisory Board Member at McCombs Business School at University of Texas, Austin. Mr Kumar has 30+ years’ experience building Technology Businesses, M&A, and Global Partnerships. He advises, consults and invests in early stage startups all the way up to large public enterprises in Education, Healthcare/Biotech, Semiconductors, MEM’s, Robotics, Wireless, Energy, Water, and Content Creation/Distribution in US, India, Japan, China, Taiwan, Chile, Mexico, Israel and Russia. He has been Founder/CEO of multiple startups (Adimos, Ambrado, Mogmo, Anthron, Microstaq, Sensco. DiscoverSTEAM); Partner at Venture Capital firms (JVP, Crimson); and GM of Texas Instrument’s Broadband Business Division and their Global Microcontroller R&D Division.

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