For most of his career Tarig El-Sheikh was a renowned skilled banker working with big financial firms such as Lehman Brothers, Macquarie Capital Advisors and Al Masa Capital ltd. After a long successful career in banking and finance, Tarig switched to a life of entrepreneurship. His first big success was Knot Standard, an online retail tailoring company specializing in custom clothing. Over a short period, Tarig was able to grow Knot Standard into a large company with international recognition, thousands of customers and several global offices. In 2014, Tarig moved on to founding Beneple, where he’s currently the managing partner. Beneple is an online HR management platform focused on serving SMEs.

Tarig is talented at spotting opportunities where others can’t. He’s also talented at turning these opportunities into successful ventures. In both cases of Beneple and Knot Standard, Tarig was able to identify a problem and was then able to build businesses which solved these problems. Throughout his academic, professional and entrepreneurial life Tarig has shown rigorous passion and determination

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