Thieab Aldossary is an Inventor and artist; he has made products in the field of wearable technologies. Thieab has an accumulated 6 years of experience in the engineering field covering a number of areas including construction, transportation and patent law. Thieab graduated with a BSc (Hons) Design Engineering degree from Middlesex University, London in 2006 and an MS degree in Systems Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC.

Thieab participated in the Stars of Science program initiated by Qatar Foundation, and Challenge 22 -a competition to inspire eco-friendly inventions to support the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022- and won the competition through the concept of Feelix.
Feelix is an electronic bracelet that communicates information from various software applications to the user through the sense of touch. The bracelet can send multiple electro-tactile patterns to the users arm to indicate different information; the apparatus can be synchronized with a variety of applications such as fitness or sports, game apps, music, social networking, GPS and customized notifications.

Prior to his work on Feelix, Thieab was a Patent Technical Advisor, where he worked with clients and students to analyze their innovations and provide advice and methods for broadening the scope of the claims for their invention. His work also included drafting patent specifications and claims to be filed at the USPTO.

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