Rowad started out as a dream an idea sketched on notepaper spattered with coffee stains.

We wanted to create a home for entrepreneurs, somewhere for them to be able to have all the tools, knowledge, and expertise to support them at any stage of the entrepreneur cycle.

Our journey to fulfill our dream has brought to you the Rowad Program. The Rowad Program provides you, the entrepreneurs, with a holistic support platform with the vision of fostering an entrepreneurial, innovative, and enterprising society.

Rowad is designed and led by an entrepreneurial mindset which prides itself on its team and spirit.  We are entrepreneurs like you passionate about what we do, determined to reach our goals, and innovative in what we offer and how we conduct our work.

We see the realm of entrepreneurship filled with endless opportunities for you to take and we want to be able to bring them closer to you by empowering you with infinite possibilities.

Our dream is now a reality!  Welcome to your home, the home of entrepreneurs, Rowad.