Rowad Coaching focuses on enabling and empowering entrepreneurs with the aim of developing them to run successful enterprises through various types of coaching. The program is run by our team of certified coaches who track the personal development and business progress of the entrepreneur in a unique and structured approach, guiding them to learn all the required skills to successfully run and grow their business.

Why apply for Rowad Coaching?
• Discover your passion and how to potentially turn it into a business idea
• Develop self-awareness about your strengths and weaknesses
• Identify your business cycle stage
• Learn how to overcome challenges and capitalize on business opportunities
• Track your personal development
• Be aware of your business progress
• Learn how to scale and grow your business
• Receive guidance to turnaround your distressed business
• Benefit from Personalized one-one coaching with a dedicated certified coach

Who can benefit from Rowad Coaching?
• Passionate entrepreneurs
• Individuals with innovative ideas
• Those who require support and guidance with business plan development
• Growing enterprises and those seeking growth strategy
• Exporting or potential exporting enterprises
• Innovative enterprises


Rowad training is a variety of capacity building programs that are designed to help entrepreneurs develop and enhance their soft and business skills in order to be able to start-up or scale their business and be able to attract funding wherever required. These programs are available for start-ups and growing enterprises and those at other stages of the business cycle. Rowad Training Programs includes an orientation program and several specialised workshops.

Entrepreneurship Orientation Program (EOP)

The Entrepreneurship Orientation program is a program that provides participants an overview of all the basic tools and skills of entrepreneurship. This includes idea generation, business planning, marketing, financial planning, implementation, and management of the business. This program is geared towards entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, owners of informally run businesses who want to become licensed and legally structured, and owners of existing businesses with less than five years of operations that want to expand or standardize their business operations.

Program length: 15 hours

Rowad Specialized Workshops

The Rowad specialized workshops are designed to help entrepreneurs with the start-up, growth, and implementation of their enterprise. The program consists of a variety of workshops that are bespoke to serve the participant required field for support. The workshops offered include topics in the field of management, marketing, franchise, patent and legal frameworks, human resource management, ICT, financial management, and soft skills. Rowad workshops also offer special programs throughout the year by member of our extensive entrepreneurship support network.

Why apply for Rowad Training?
• Develop required business and soft skills to support an entrepreneurial journey
• To support the development of business plans to serve as a road map through the growth of a business
• Learn to present and pitch a business for investment
• Explore business market opportunities
• Limit error and mitigate risk during the start-up stages of a business
• To learn the importance and how to develop a growth strategy for a business
• Help scale and grow a business and enterprise
• Get better acquainted with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and its support programs
Who can benefit from Rowad Training?
• Individuals interested in learning the fundaments of starting and growing a business
• Seeking Entrepreneurship orientation
• Those looking to learn more about growth strategy
• Entrepreneurs and individuals looking to develop their personal and soft skills
• Those looking to developing a marketing strategy
• Those who require better understanding of financial management


Rowad Centers are dedicated to supporting the successful development of pioneering entrepreneurial enterprises with a vision of providing an ideal environment to accelerate the growth of business enterprises. As a tenant of the Rowad centers entrepreneurs can benefit from subsidized rental fees, advisory services, training, coaching, access to finance, business linkages, marketing support, and other shared facilities.

Why apply for Rowad Incubation?
• Launch your startup in a supportive environment
• Ensure business sustainability during first years of operation
• Benefit from coaching and advisory services
• Establish business to business relations within the Rowad centers local, regional, and international network
• Utilize administration facilities provided at Rowad Centers
• Benefit from subsidized rent space
• Help attract investment
• Explore market opportunities
• Help scale and grow your business

Who can benefit from Rowad Incubation?
• An Entrepreneur looking for a space/location to establish or grow your business
• If your business is facing challenges and you are looking for a support to strengthen the business
• Looking for an ideal environment that provides all the suitable supporting tools to establish or grow your business


Rowad funding supports the growth and development of innovative projects through equity & debt financing clubbed with advisory support services. The program supports projects that yield substantial economic, social & environmental benefits; giving priority to projects that have a strong impact on the economy such as high productivity, job creation, and export capabilities, among others.

Funding is the fuel on which a business runs; a business can take different avenues to attain funding either by a form of a debt or equity. Funding can be sought at different point of the business cycle.

Why apply for Rowad Funding?
  • To obtain financial support for a business at any stage of the business cycle
  • Those seeking strategic partnerships and equity investors for their enterprise
  • An investor can provide a recognizable added value to your startup
  • The ability to obtain financial support to acquire assets and working capital with a comfortable repayment plan and grace period
  • Those looking to have ongoing financing needs as an established business such as Marketing, employees training, Product enhancement, entering a new market and introducing a new line of products or service


Rowad Mentoring is a program built to help all types of entrepreneurs at any stage of the business cycle. Our mentoring network consists of organizations and individuals from different backgrounds which include professional entrepreneurs, industry specialists, business experts and educators to support entrepreneurs, assist them to start-up, grow, and even enhance their distressed enterprise. Rowad Mentoring is a global program also offering virtual mentorship catering to those challenged by physical distance.

Why do you need a Mentor?
  • Provides transfer of knowledge and insight gained over a long period of experience from the mentor
  • Assists mentees to overcome challenges based on robust advice and guidance
  • Increases the mentee’s self-confidence and develops leadership, critical thinking and decision making capabilities
  • Empowers decision making based on the mentor’s knowledge and experience
  • Unlocks inner potential and instill motivation and drive in the entrepreneur
  • Inspires creativity and business growth through the exchanges from different perspectives
  • Helps mentees gain access to wide networks of potential clients, investors, partners and financing institutions
  • Supports the entrepreneur in setting long term strategies for self-development and the business
  • Improves the mentees interpersonal skills
  • Guides mentees to learn how to better lead people and create dynamic teams
Why choose Rowad Mentoring?
Rowad Mentoring is a comprehensive platform which includes individuals and organizations from different backgrounds and experiences. The wide network enables you to find the most appropriate mentor according to your personal and business needs. With the right mentor, more value can be added to the entrepreneur in the short term and long term.
Who can apply?
  • Rowad Mentoring is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of their age or business stage
  • Applicant must have a clear understanding of the Rowad Mentoring program
  • Applicant must have the commitment to owning and driving the mentorship relationship
Find your Mentor

Once you have completed your application, you may start by exploring our listing of qualified and experienced mentors that are available within your industry/sector or area of interest.


Rowad believes in collaborative efforts and we do not like to work alone nor is all of our work done alone. We believe in partnerships and communities and have many Rowad Partners that help us reach our aim and goal in helping entrepreneurs startup, grow, and succeed.

Our Rowad Partners are a mix of support organizations, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and industry specialists that offer support services to entrepreneurs through the Rowad platform. Our partnerships do not have limits and are continuously expanding like the universe.