Business Brief: EY’s Accounting Compliance and Reporting (ACR) services, part of our overall Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) offering, are focused on helping companies meet their financial reporting requirements in the many countries where they do business.

Expertise: Management and Accounting Services

Products & Services:

  • Accounting support and assistance
  • Payroll processing and regulatory compliance services
  • Management reporting
  • Statutory reporting and GAAP conversion services
  • Secondment and support services

Pro Bono & Preferential Rate:

Assistance in provision of bookkeeping and accounting services. Note that software costs are not factored in

  • Year 1 Incubation – BHD 50/- per month
  • Year 2 Incubation – one-time set up fee BHD 50, BHD 75 per month
  • Year 3 Incubation – one-time set up fee BHD 50, BHD 100 per month
  • Rowaders – one-time set up fee BHD 50, BHD 115 per month
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