Frequently Asked Questions (General)

You can join the Rowad Program through our online application form or by visiting us.
You can pay for any of the Rowad services in person at the headquarters of Bahrain Development Bank Building, 4th Floor, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Bahrain or through our online payment portal. We accept payment in cash, debit card or credit card (VISA & Master Card).
The Rowad Program is a comprehensive program designed, developed, and managed by the Bahrain Development Bank (BDB). The program is run by the Development Services Division at BDB.
The Rowad Program is suitable for all entrepreneurs at any stage of the business cycle these stages include pre-seed, seed, startup, growth, maturity, and even declining businesses. Rowad offers support through its product and service platform to all entrepreneurs from the idea conceptualization stage through to growth and maturity.
Not at all. The Rowad Program is open to all nationalities.
Not at all. The Rowad Program is open to individuals at all ages.
The Rowad Team values confidentiality and privacy when information or ideas are shared by our clients and entrepreneurs. We also have the option of signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients if and when required.
Once you apply to the Rowad Program through the online application form, you will be contacted to arrange for an initial meeting with a certified Rowad Coach. During your first meeting, you will be assessed on all your requirements and will be guided as to which of the program’s services best fit your requirements. The Rowad Coach will help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.
Not at all. You do not need to have a commercial registration to join the Rowad Program. Rowad offers support to entrepreneurs as early as the idea conceptualization (pre-seed) stage.
Yes. You can benefit from more than one service of the Rowad Program at the same time. It all depends upon your Rowad journey map that has been guided by your coach and followed by you!
There is no one specific way of writing a business plan. The length and sections of any business plan change according to the business sector, activities and objectives. However, there are key elements that should be included in any business plan. These key elements are: • Brief Business description • Main Products and services • Sales and Marketing Strategy • Business Milestones • Financial Summary: o Breakdown of Startup Cost o Projected Statement of Profit and Loss • Management team You can find a business plan template in our resources page on the website
Once you apply online, a member of The Rowad team within 48 hours.