Noun: Coach [kohch] “Give (someone) professional advice on how to attain their goals”

Where The Entrepreneur Journey Begins

Rowad coaching focuses on enabling and empowering entrepreneurs with the aim of developing them to run successful enterprises through various types of coaching:

The program is run by our team of certified coaches who track the personal development and business progress of the entrepreneur in a unique and structured approach, guiding them to learn all the required skills to successfully run and grow their business.

Why apply for

Rowad Coaching?

  • Discover your passion and how to potentially turn it into a business idea
  • Develop self-awareness about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify your business cycle stage
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and capitalize on business opportunities
  • Learn how to scale and grow your business
  • Benefit from Personalized one-one coaching with a dedicated certified coach

Who can benefit from

Rowad Coaching?

  • Passionate entrepreneurs
  • Individuals with innovative ideas
  • Growing enterprises and those seeking growth strategy
  • Exporting or potential exporting enterprises
  • Innovative enterprises
  • Those who require support and guidance with business plan development

Our Coaching Packages

Rowad Coaching packages are on an hourly basis for both individuals and groups. Groups will be charged the full rate regardless of how many group members attend in a session.


BD 15

Single sessionPurchase


BD 25

2 sessionsPurchase

Package I

BD 50

4 sessions


Package IIMost Popular

BD 75

8 sessionsPurchase

Package III

BD 95

12 sessionsPurchase

Frequently Asked Questions

The coach will guide you, support you and give you the necessary tools to work on your own business plan, but we will not develop it on your behalf. The coach will assist you in setting a timeline, milestones to help you build your own business plan through a step by step approach.
You may specify your preferred coach, but the Rowad team will match you with a coach according to your industry, and coach specialty and availability.
Coaching: The act of establishing a professional relationship between two parties: the coach and the coachee, where the coach guides and supports the coachee to achieve certain goals and objectives. The relationship depends on listening, providing support through empowerment, helping the coachee to learn for themselves instead of showing them the solution. The coach doesn’t have to be experienced in the coachee’s field, but have to have the right tools and techniques to provide the required support that the coachee needs. Mentoring: A professional relationship established between two parties: the mentor and the mentee, where the mentor help and support the mentee through providing wisdom and advice that is based on a vast experience that the mentor has established. The mentor is usually someone who’s been in the mentee’s shoes, understands the challenges that they are going through, and provide them with insights based on that. A mentor has to have a certain experience of knowledge that they are interested to pass on to someone that needs it, and this relationship is mainly based on the mentee listening and trying to reflect on the mentor’s experience.
Having a coach is useful at any stage during the entrepreneurship business cycle. A coach can help you in the following: • Set goals and milestones • Understand your own strengths and weaknesses • Work on your business plan and business strategy • Follow up on your defined goals and have someone that you’re accountable to
Yes, if for any reason you are not comfortable with your coach, or not satisfied with the quality of service, you may approach the Rowad Program team and request a change in coach..
Yes. You may renew the coaching package whenever required.
Coaching is beneficial for any challenges that may appear during any stage of the business cycle. Challenge you may face could be issues such as team management, managing competition, and driving growth or expansion. A coach will also support you to explore new markets, export, establish new line of products or services, expand your team, acquire investments, and even set and execute growth strategies.
Once you apply to join the Rowad Program, you are entitled to receive two free coaching sessions.
We do not refund coaching sessions, which have already taken place. However, we may refund the amount paid for coaching sessions that still remain in your package
We do understand that you may face unforeseen circumstances, which may delay your arrival. We do ask that you to inform your coach as soon as a change many occur. We do charge for sessions that are missed periodically and not cancelled.
Cancelation: • Coachee may cancel their appointment with no charges at least one day prior to their scheduled meeting • Rowad will waive charges if the coachee requests to reschedule the session on the same day of the scheduled session, given that the coachee presents adequate reasons for 2 occurrences Late Arrival: • The coachee may arrive late to their appointment, 15 minutes after the scheduled time for 2 instances without any charges • Rowad will charge the coachee for the full hour in case of late arrival after the two initial occurrences No Show: • Rowad will charge the coachee the full coaching session if they do not attend without informing their coach in advance nor providing appropriate justification