Noun: fund·ing
“Money provided, especially by an organization or government, for a particular purpose.”

Fueling Entrepreneurs

Rowad funding supports the growth and development of innovative projects through equity & debt financing clubbed with advisory support services. The program supports projects that yield substantial economic, social & environmental benefits; giving priority to projects that have a strong impact on the economy such as high productivity, job creation, and export capabilities, among others.

Funding is the fuel on which a business runs; a business can take different avenues to attain funding either by a form of a debt or equity. Funding can be sought at different point of the business cycle:

Why apply for

Rowad Funding?

  • To obtain financial support for a business at any stage of the business cycle
  • Those seeking strategic partnerships and equity investors for their enterprise
  • An investor can provide a recognizable added value to your startup
  • The ability to obtain financial support to acquire assets and working capital with a comfortable repayment plan and grace period
  • Those looking to have ongoing financing needs as an established business such as Marketing, employees training, Product enhancement, entering a new market and introducing a new line of products or service

Rowad Funding Program offers access to the following types of Funding:

  • Seed fuel invests in enterprise development with a maximum capital investment of BHD 25,000 and not to exceed 20% of the paid up equity share capital of the company
  • Angel Investment opportunities though our partner Tenmou
  • Network Investors and Funds
  • Investment Division
  • Term Loan
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Islamic Finance*
  • Equity Participation
  • Composite Loan
  • Indirect Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Educational Loan
  • Fisheries and Agricultural Finance
  • Pre-seed Capital Support Scheme*
  • Feasibility Study Support Scheme*

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may apply more than once to the innovation scheme as long as you are introducing a new concept and scope. The new scope does not have to be in a different field, but has to be a different scope or idea. For example, you may apply to the scheme for improvements and modifications done on your existing invention as long as it includes a new idea or concept. Your application approval is dependent on the Innovation Scheme Joint Committee.
Yes, you definitely may apply. The Innovation Scheme Committee looks at the ingenuity of the idea (no matter how simple or complex), whether they believe the applicant is capable of delivering on his/her proposal and its potential for commercialization.
Seed Fuel is designed to finance businesses at the Seed/Startup stage. At this stage business would have developed a complete business plan, an initial team and preferably a Minimally Viable Product (MVP). You should have a thorough understanding of what your project costs are and how you will invest the money before applying for Seed Fuel.
The investment amount will differ from one business to another with a maximum investment amount of BHD 25,000 for a percentage of shareholding not exceeding 19.9% of the total equity value. BDB’s involvement is typically concerned with long term decisions, leaving the day to day operations to the entrepreneur. The bank will also extend its other products and services to the entrepreneur in order to ensure that the entrepreneur is managing his/her business in the best possible manner and achieving their business goals and milestones
The project’s evaluation depends on the assessment of the Seed Fuel Committee. The committee uses a comprehensive assessment tool which was specifically designed to examine businesses at the Seed and Startup Stages of the business, look at different qualitative and quantitative factors which would determine the future profitability of the businesses. Typically for seed and startup stage businesses, evaluation would depend more on qualitative factors such as the team (e.g. past experiences, skills, characteristics), the opportunity being pursued, the ingenuity of the idea and the value proposition. The committee would also look at quantitative factors such as projected future cash flows. (Hyperlink of the Seed Fuel criteria and application form)
Yes, the grant given by the Innovation Scheme may cover the cost of hiring technical support if required.