Noun: men·tee menˈtē/
noun: a person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor

Entrepreneurs Guiding Light

Rowad Mentoring is a program built to help all types of entrepreneurs at any stage of the business cycle. Our mentoring network consists of organizations and individuals from different backgrounds which include professional entrepreneurs, industry specialists, business experts and educators to support entrepreneurs, assist them to start-up, grow, and even enhance their distressed enterprise. Rowad Mentoring is a global program also offering virtual mentorship catering to those challenged by physical distance.

Why Choose Rowad Mentoring?

Rowad Mentoring is a comprehensive platform which includes individuals and organizations from different backgrounds and experiences. The wide network enables you to find the most appropriate mentor according to your personal and business needs. With the right mentor, more value can be added to the entrepreneur in the short term and long term.

Who Can Apply?

  • Rowad Mentoring is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of their age or business stage
  • Applicant must have a clear understanding of the Rowad Mentoring program
  • Applicant must have the commitment to owning and driving the mentorship relationship

Find your Mentor

Once you have completed your application, you may start by exploring our listing of qualified and experienced mentors that are available within your industry/sector or area of interest.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need a Mentor?

  • Provides transfer of knowledge and insight gained over a long period of experience from the mentor to the mentee
  • Assists mentees to overcome challenges based on robust advice and guidance from the mentor
  • Increases the mentee’s self-confidence and develops leadership, critical thinking and decision making capabilities
  • Empowers decision making  based on the mentor’s knowledge and experience
  • Unlocks inner potential and instill motivation and drive in the entrepreneur
  • Inspires creativity and business growth through the exchanges  from different perspectives
  • Helps mentees gain access to wide networks of potential clients, investors, partners and financing institutions
  • Supports the entrepreneur in setting long term strategies for self-development and the business
  • Improves the mentees interpersonal skills
  • Guides mentees to learn how to better lead people and create dynamic teams

Become a Mentor

If you are an experienced business professional who can offer support and guidance to other businesses, Rowad mentoring can give you the opportunity to give back to the community and gain access to the Rowad network.

As a part of the Rowad Mentoring Family, the mentor will experience a wide range of benefits and rewards. Some of which are as follows:

  • Access to a network of innovative entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises.
  • Exposure to innovative ideas and projects that could pose as an investment opportunity
  • Membership and access to the Rowad Network
  • invitations to all Rowad events and conferences
  • Rowad magazine advertisement space once a year free of charge and at a special discount the rest of the year
  • Rowad contribution space/ column or article once a quarter.

The Rowad Mentoring Program is flexible and is adaptable to each Mentor’s preferences, by outlining certain details such as:

  • Specifying the minimum and maximum hours of mentoring
  • Preference of industry and sector to offer mentorship
  • Type of mentorship to offer (individual, group, virtual, or all)

The Rowad Mentor profiles all hold various criteria that we believe are important for individuals who are part of our mentoring family and are divided into three main categories.  Our criteria are by far not a steadfast rule, but is a general guide of what a Rowad Mentor embodies.

Attitude and Character

  • strong commitment toward the program
  • eager to share information and ideas
  • willing to participate in training

Professional Competence and Experience

  • expert knowledge of specialized field
  • demonstrate excellent management skills

Interpersonal Skills

  • maintain a trusting professional relationship
  • work well with individuals from different cultural backgrounds
  • able to easily establish rapport with others

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will have the option of choosing your top 3 preferred mentors, and the committee will consider your preference along with the mentor’s area of expertise and their availability before matching you with the most suitable mentor. If your top choices are not available for mentoring, you will be informed before concluding the matching process.
A mentor will give insights based on his personal experience. As an entrepreneur, it will be useful and helpful for you to reflect on another person’s experience, especially a mentor from the same industry and has the required knowhow to support you throughout the business cycle.
Browse through the mentors biographies to get an overview of their individual experience, and select the mentors that would believe would be most suitable to support you.
Yes. If for any reason you were not comfortable with your mentor, or not satisfied with the quality of service, you may approach the Rowad Program team and request to terminate the relationship and get matched to another mentor.