Noun: Partner [part·ner]
A person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in an enterprise or firm with shared risks and profits

Entrepreneurs Helping Hand

Rowad believes in collaborative efforts and we do not like to work alone nor is all of our work done alone. We believe in partnerships and communities and have many Rowad Partners that help us reach our aim and goal in helping entrepreneurs startup, grow, and succeed.

Our Rowad Partners are a mix of support organizations, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and industry specialists that offer support services to entrepreneurs through the Rowad platform. Our partnerships do not have limits and are continuously expanding like the universe.

Rowad Partner

Role and Responsibility

A Rowad Partner will need to ensure its role and responsibilities to support and cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises under the following three main streams:

  • High Quality Product & Services: provide unique products and services of high quality to entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Pro Bono & Preferential Rates: products and services are offered at pro bono and/or preferential rates
  • Excellent Customer Services: quick response rate to requests and proper structured system for customer queries

Additional means of contribution can also fall under other Rowad services offered.

Why become a Rowad Partner?

An enterprise would consider joining the Rowad Partners Family for reasons that include:

  • To gain access to a wide range of prospect customers
  • Build market awareness and recognition
  • Give back to the entrepreneurial community
  • Learn and grow through interaction with customers to develop offered products and services

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know them! Just like any relationship in life, we recommend that you have introductory meetings with our Rowad Partners. Through these meetings you will get a better understanding of what kind of products and services they offer and whether they are fit to deliver based on your needs. You may also engage your coach, mentor or any individual who might have some insight on who is the right partner for you.
Rowad Partners aims to benefit both entrepreneurs and its members (supporting organizations and businesses). For entrepreneurs, Rowad Partners gives access to resources, products and services which enhance the performance of their businesses and progress into more mature stages of their business cycle. On the other end, Rowad Partners allows its members to gain recognition and access a pool of potential clients. In addition, the program enables its members to give back to society through supporting entrepreneurs and building the entrepreneurial community.
Yes, you definitely may. Businesses typically change partnerships when they are no longer fit for their strategies and objectives. However, we urge that you maintain a positive relationship with any partner you worked with and end the relationship based on mutual understanding. You never know, you might need their support in the future.