Noun: Train·ing
“Teach a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.”

Building Entrepreneurial Capacities

Rowad training is a variety of capacity building programs that are designed to help entrepreneurs develop and enhance their soft and business skills in order to be able to start-up or scale their business and be able to attract funding wherever required. These programs are available for start-ups and growing enterprises and those at other stages of the business cycle.




The Entrepreneurship Orientation program (EOP) is a 15 hours program that covers all the basic tools of entrepreneurship such as idea generation, business planning, marketing, financial planning, implementation, and management of the business.

The EOP targets serious entrepreneurs who might have already identified the area of business they want to pursue, but need expert guidance to minimize risk and maximize potential for success. The program is geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs, owners of informally run businesses who want to become licensed and legally structured, and owners of existing businesses that want to expand or standardize their business operations.

The training methodology adopted is highly participative whereby use of presentations, discussions, group work, and simulation exercises is ensured to facilitate maximum learning.

This program can be customized to be delivered with different methodologies  to better serve certain sectors in the market.

The EOP is conducted at least 10 times a year with a maximum capacity of 30 participants per workshop to help the trainer to interact with the each participant more closely.




The Rowad Program workshops are designed to help entrepreneurs with the implementation of their business. The program consists of a variety of workshops that are customized to serve the customer’s required field for support. The program covers detailed workshop in the field on management marketing, human resource management and soft skill courses.

Following the EOP the participants go through post-program assessment conducted by a coach to determine whether they require attending a specialized workshop. Ex. A person that still lacks technical skills in developing their budget would be recommended to attend the financial planning workshop.

Rowad specialized workshops are running all year long with a maximum capacity of 10 participants per workshop to help the trainer to interact with the each participant more closely.

Why apply for

Rowad Training?

  • Develop required business and soft skills to support an entrepreneurial journey
  • To support the development of business plans to serve as a road map through the growth
  • Learn to present and pitch a business for investment
  • Explore business market opportunities
  • Limit error and mitigate risk during the start-up stages of a business
  • To learn the importance and how to develop a growth strategy for a business
  • Help scale and grow a business and enterprise
  • Get better acquainted with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and its support programs

Who can benefit from

Rowad Training?

  • Individuals interested in learning the fundaments of starting and growing a business
  • Seeking Entrepreneurship orientation
  • Those looking to learn more about growth strategy
  • Entrepreneurs and individuals looking to develop their personal and soft skills
  • Those looking to developing a marketing strategy
  • Those who require better  understanding of financial management

Our Training Packages


BD 25

Single Program


Package A

BD 25

Single workshop


Package BMost Popular

BD 80

5 workshops


Package C

BD 150

10 workshops


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we may deliver customized training programs based on topic, training requirements, and tenor. Kindly note that for customized training programs extra charges may apply.
Nothing will happen, other than the fact that you will miss out on the content being presented. We do recommend that should you miss a session that you notify one of the Rowad team members in advance.
The content is presented in English, but the instructor may deliver the presentation in English, Arabic, or a mix of both depending on the audience.
You will receive a certificate of attendance, but it is required that you attend at least 4 out of the 5 days of the program.
Yes, it can assist you in obtaining support from Bahrain Development Bank’s products and services.
The Rowad Team is open to any suggested topics to incorporate in our training calendar and will continuously survey the market for to meet your requirements and business needs. Please coordinate with a Rowad team member should you have any suggested topics.