Sh. Hesham is a leading industry specialist on entrepreneurship and economic development holding over twenty years of experience.  An economist not only by profession, but Sh. Hesham holds a Bachelor  degree in Economics from the American University, Washington D.C.. Throughout his career he has contributed to the development of numerous economic and social strategies and programs, namely the development and institutionalization of Bahrain-Arab Model for Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion in coordination with Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) and The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Unido), the development of Bahrain Business Incubator, Riyadat (Women Incubator Center), (the first ICT Incubator in Bahrain), and various strategies that contribute to the economic development specifically in areas promoting entrepreneurship and development.  Sh. Hesham is a board member of several entities which include startup companies, youth societies, and other development projects where he not only contributes knowledge and expertise, but also holds a mentoring role.  Sh. Hesham is one of the first mentors of Tenmou’s mentorship program and is a leading inspirational speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and development where he has been a participant in a myriad of conferences as a member of a panel, keynote speaker, and is a favorite speaker for our youth programs.

Sh. Hesham is a unique mentor who offers inspiring advice, always challenging his mentees to reach new levels.  Sh. Hesham is passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur at heart which is how he currently leads his division at Bahrain Development Bank.  His is an avid believer of teamwork and creativity and is known for his saying that he has a seven-day weekend.

One of his famous quotes “Challenge the known and embrace the unknown and don’t let perfectionism delay you”.