Entrepreneurial Competencies

  • Important elements of an entrepreneurial personality
  • Entrepreneurial profile
  • Personal evaluation (evaluate your potential to become an entrepreneur)

Business Planning

  • What is a business plan?
  • Who are the Audience for your

Elevator’s Pitch

  • Who are the Audience for your elevator pitch?
  • What are the main contents of an elevator pitch?
  • How to strike your potential investor’s attention?

Digital Marketing

  • Understand, Plan,  and Implement Digital Marketing
  • Tools of Digital Marketing
  • Website Analysis
  • Types of Searches & Search Engines
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Search Engine Optimization

Patency & Intellectual Property

  • Different types of Patents and Intellectual property copy rights?
  • What is the importance of acquiring patents and intellectual property if the company’s value is based on its technology?

Value Proposition

  • The promise of value to be delivered
  • Does your product/services satisfy a need in the market?
  • How your product solves customers problems?
  • What are the specific benefits your product delivers?

Team Dynamics

  • What are the psychological forces that influence the team’s behavior & performance
  • How to improve overall team performance
  • How to prevent unproductive conflict & demotivation


  • Building your brand
  • The importance of brand perception
  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Creating a brand that speaks to the consumer
  • Identify your brand positioning

Presentation skills

  • Organize information in a clear concise manner
  • Discuss the power of visual, verbal, &business plan?
  • What is the Content and Typical structure for a business plan for a startup business?

Business Model Generation

  • The benefits of having business model
  • Defining the main blocks in the business model canvas
  • How to develop the business model canvas?

Market Analysis

  • Finding & assessing new opportunities
  • Confirming customer needs & testing market demand
  • Delivery channels and customer relationships
  • Developing sustainable competitive advantage

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Stimulate new ways of thinking
  • Creating a constant stream of fresh and original idea
  • Generate new ideas & original solutions quickly & easily
  • How to evaluate and select the best ideas & solutions
  • Different ways to understand and define the problem

Importance of Innovation

  • What is the approach to creating and managing successful business startups in an era where companies need to be innovative
  • Why innovation is such an integral part of entrepreneurship

Management & Organizational Structure

  • Explore different types of Management structures
  • Flat organizational structure
  • Functional organizational structure
  • Product organizational structure

Financial Planning

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Managing accounts
  • Developing Cash-flow and Profit & loss statements

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